Announcing New Penske 7100 Series Shock

Aaron Lambert
Post by Aaron Lambert
August 16, 2020

New product draws upon decades of short track experience and encompasses industry-leading Penske quality, performance, and modularity in an economical offering to reach to more racers.

The 7100 Series gas shock is the latest short track offering from Penske Racing Shocks, refreshed and reimagined in 2020. The 7100 Series was designed specifically for series where “non-bulb” shocks are mandated (B-Mods/Street Stocks) or where price caps exist.

The 7100 Series is a cost-effective shock designed to perform with high-quality damping components, consistency, reliability, and unlimited tuning options found in any Penske Racing Shock. The shock features our standard 1.72” bore and 0.5” shaft, hard chromed for durability, and has a separator gas piston optimum performance and oil life. Stroke configurations available are 7”, 9”, and 10” and it is compatible with standard coil-over kits.

The 7100 is a high-performance alternative to other steel shocks on the market for teams looking to have a competitive advantage. Please order online or contact your Penske Racing Shocks product specialist for more details on all available options.

7100 Series Part Numbers & Dimensions

Part Number Stroke Extended Length
PS-7107 *6.70” 20.00”
PS-7109 *8.50” 24.00”
PS-7110 **9.23” 26.25”

*Stroke values achieved with AS-7150SB-S
**Stroke value achieved with AS-75THSB-500

7100 Advantages

  • Built to customer specifications
  • Custom-valved for driver feel or chassis set-up
  • Owner-rebuildable
  • Consistent performance
  • Economical to use and replace

7100 Series Features

  • Steel components
  • Complies with racing sanctioning body material mandates
  • Low-friction floating piston
  • Anti-corrosive finish for extreme environments
  • Hard chrome plated shaft
  • Numerous piston options
  • Non-bulb style body cap
  • Designed and manufactured in Reading, PA

7100 Series Options

  • Non-adjustable – fixed bleed jet
  • 7.0”, 9.0”, and 10.0” lengths
  • Standard, 1.0”, or 2.0” extended eyelets (additional cost)
  • Coil-over kit compatible
  • Standard Schrader valve or externally sealed gas valve

Aaron Lambert
Post by Aaron Lambert
August 16, 2020
After completing high school, Aaron joined Penske Racing Shocks in 2000 as a damper technician. Since then, Aaron served in multiple management and technical rolls in the company and oversaw all major sales markets including Short Track, NASCAR, Sports Car, and IndyCar. He spearheaded the company’s successful return to the Late Model market as well as the new S-link shock dyno product line. In addition, Aaron handles all dealer relationships and has been a driving force behind Penske Racing Shocks’ long term in-house manufacturing strategy . Aaron was promoted to General Manager in 2019, a position he currently holds.
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