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Penske Shocks S-Link Dyno

A shock dyno is the "must-have" tool for any suspension or shock business. At Penske Racing Shocks, EVERY shock built is dyno tested before shipping to ensure its performance. Shock dynos have come a long way, and the software accompanied with the dyno is just as vital to providing accurate data.

Like our shock business, Penske Shocks is focused on providing the best equipment along with the best customer support. Our s-Link design is a design that took place over a two-year period. Countless hours of R&D and field testing were completed before the final sign-off and production started.

Penske Shocks has taken another step in our goal to be the market leaders for dyno production and support. Penske Shocks welcomed Charlie McKinney to our team in October of 2020. If you have worked in the racing industry and used or purchased a shock dyno, chances are you have heard of or worked with Charlie from his days with Roehrig. Penske now offers online technical support, servicing, calibration, and part sales. Penske Shocks is also available for onsite repair and calibration.

Immediately you will notice small but very important details. The s-Link (slider linkage) dyno has a necessary on/off switch and an LED light that shows the user when the dyno is under power.

Along with being silent and pleasing to the eye, s-link is also the best performing dyno available. The standard 2hp dyno can pull -1000lbs + zero point up and reach a maximum speed of 18 inches per second. This is more than the current 3hp models available from other manufactures. In its standard configuration, it can read a maximum of 2000lbs based on its load cell. This is all possible because of the efficient design. Direct drive (gear box) with helical cut gears ensures minimal backlash. Direct drive maximizes your motor's output, meaning you can get higher performance out of a small package.

Fixed stroke is also recommended. Why? When you run a fixed stroke, it allows us to properly tune the motor and driver to ensure you get the best and most efficient performance. By doing this, we can significantly reduce noise and increase consistency.

One major component to producing a great dyno is the software. While there are many options, it was imperative that we try to meet the needs of the racing industry. This led us to choose MTS and Shock6 software to drive the hardware. MTS and Shock6/Roehrig have been the industry standard in shock dynos for decades. What does this mean? All current Roehrig files that you may have are accessible on the s-Link dyno! New for 2020 is MTS Shock6.9 software. The new Shock6 software is Windows 10 compatible.

Along with your dyno, you will receive one-year free online tech support through our TeamViewer app. This makes software and PC tech support a breeze. This is a $500 value, free with the purchase of a dyno.

New Shock6 Software Ver.6.6.12

This software is used on Crank Dyno (models 2VS, 3VS…) and EMA (models 2k, 4k, 6k) Damper Test Systems. Shock can be programmed to generate a full spectrum of waveforms, including sinusoidal, triangle, square, sine-on-sine, variable sine, and random. The software also supports the importation of custom waveforms and playback of road load or track data to simulate real-world operating environments.

What’s New in Shock 6.6.12

  • Analog output voltages go to zero when the “Abort” button is clicked.
  • Analog output calibration values are applied when doing custom waveforms.
  • A negative voltage spike on the analog outputs at the start of a custom waveform has been fixed.
  • The Shock Notes section of the printed report now has section labels to better define the data.
  • Drivers for the USB license key have been updated.


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