Racing Shock Services

Engineering, Track Support, Pull Down Rig, Shaker Rig and More

Penske Racing Shocks offers a variety of services to keep your shocks performing like new. With factory locations in Reading, PA and Mooresville, NC, Penske Shocks can service, re-valve, develop, or custom design a solution that works best for you. Regardless of what series you're racing, Penske Racing Shocks is involved in every major motorsports market. We will assist you the same way we assist the Pros to ensure you get the most out of your suspension.

Penske Racing Shocks has over 100 years of combined expertise; this allows us to pull from a vast knowledge base, regardless of the type of racing, to ensure you get a truly custom set-up that will optimize the handling for your vehicle.

Here at Penske Racing Shocks, we use MTS/Roehrig test equipment exclusively. We can perform simple crank dyno testing or custom endurance and track sim testing with our EMA dyno services. Our machines are inspected yearly, ensuring you're getting data and feedback you can count on.

Penske Racing Shocks also offers private testing support. Whether at the race track or coming to your shop for a one-on-one visit, we can work around your schedule to help you get your shock program on the right track.

If you're in the market for a more in-depth test, Penske Shocks also has access to 4-post and 7-post shaker testing. Whether you have a fully functioning internal program and need a rig to test on, or it's your first time on a rig, we can assist. Click on the below link to see what we can offer:


If you're unsure about what services you need, please call one of our technicians at (610) 375-6180 to discuss your specific needs.


Looking to service your shocks? Please visit this page for the shock service form and next steps.


When you pair our Custom Projects group with our manufacturing, we can supply a project from start to finish.

Reach out to us using this form, and tell us about your custom manufacturing needs. A Penske Racing Shocks representative will follow up with you to discuss the details of your project.

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