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Custom Axis Racing Shocks has been providing custom-built, high-performance, shock absorbers to professional racers, serious riders, and general enthusiasts of all forms and levels of off-road riding for more than 20 years. Founded in Lodi, California in 1993, Custom Axis was originally formed to provide chassis builders and aftermarket part suppliers with a shock absorber truly tailored to fit their applications and designs.

The ability to make a product specific to custom a-arms, swing arms, and suspension geometries allowed Custom Axis to grow in popularity throughout the ATV market. But the ability to produce a custom product was not the only prerequisite to achieving success. Outstanding performance, quality, and consistency are what gave their riders an edge over the competition. Penske Racing Shocks acquired a controlling interest of Custom Axis in 1998, and together the two companies continued to improve and benefit from advancements learned in each other’s various forms of racing. The company is comprised of racers, enthusiasts, top-of-the-line engineers, and experienced technical staff. Custom Axis is more than a profession to team members – it’s their passion. The primary goal is helping customers achieve success.

There are many manufacturers to pick from when considering a suspension upgrade for your application. So you may ask yourself, why choose Custom Axis over any other brand? At Custom Axis Racing Shocks, we are committed to providing you with the best-quality, highest performing shock absorber available. We utilize our top professional racers to test our shocks in the harshest riding conditions and value their feedback to continuously improve our product line.

When you choose Custom Axis, you know beyond a doubt that you are picking a product that has been 100% custom-built according to your vehicle and rider specifications. Nothing is off the shelf — your shock is hand-picked, assembled, and dyno’d at the time of your order. All of our products can be customized to meet any dimension, valving, spring, or adjustability need that you have. No racer or set-up is the same, why should you shocks be? Be sure your shocks are customer built for you.

Types Of Off Road Racing Shocks We Offer:

  • ATV
  • Motocross
  • Snowmobile
  • UTV
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