Penske Racing Shocks supports the XDA racers!

Penske Racing Shocks supports the XDA racers!


Penske Racing Shocks continues their support as an Associate Sponsor at the XDA. Penske Racing’s Cole Seitzinger will be at all XDA events offering services and track support for their racing shocks.


Penske Racing Shocks is also a sponsor in the 2019 XDA contingency program. Penske Racing Shocks has posted a total contingency this year of an incredible $40,500 in product certificates for racers running a PS-89 series shock.


Penske Racing Shocks is also one of the sponsors of the $10,000 to win Orient Express Pro Street Battle Royale 32-bike field on Sept 20-22 at MDIR.


Also, the Penske Racing Shocks Pro Street Shootout is back at the XDA with a special High Rollers race that is run during qualifying on Saturday at XDA!


A big thank you goes to Cole Seitzinger from Penske Racing Shocks for his support of the XDA racers!


Support those that support your sport!


For more info on Penske Racing Shocks, visit their website at


If you are interested in becoming an XDA sponsor, please email


2019 XDA Schedule 👇

Apr 26-28: MDIR

May 31-Jun 2: VMP

Jun 21-23: MDIR

Jul 26-28: MDIR

Aug 23-25: VMP

Sept 20-22: MDIR



See you at the Strip!

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