Penske Racing Shocks Introduces New Shock Dyno

Reading, PA — December 3, 2018- Penske Racing Shocks is proud to announce entrance into the Shock Dyno market. Penske Racing Shocks newline of dynos will be controlled by the industry leading and user friendly MTS Shock6™ software.

Penske Racing Shocks is known for its industry leading custom suspension applications, and wanted to create a dyno with the same high-quality standards as its dampers. For the past four years, Penske Racing Shocks has worked at producing a higher standard of crank dyno. As the product line evolved, precision and repeatability became a major focus. This requirement led to a re-evaluation of test machines.

In recent years Penske Racing Shocks popularity has grown, not only for custom suspension solutions, but also for locating and selling used dynos. It was a natural fit to start producing its own line of test machines.

When it came to the software to drive the machine, Penske Racing Shocks sought a leader in automotive testing applications and selected MTSto provide the motorsports industry standard software: Shock6.

Penske Racing Shocks will start with two and three-horsepower machines and could possibly venture into larger machines. Penske Racing Shocks will debut the new dyno at this year’s PRI Show, and plans to start delivering machines in April of 2019.

For additional information, please contact:

Product Flyer

Penske Racing Shocks
Aaron Lambert, Director of Operations
150 Franklin Street
Reading, PA 19602
(610) 375-6180

Penske Racing Shocks is the global leader in suspension technology. Formed in 1988, Penske Racing Shocks have a worldwide reputation for producing quality shock absorbers. Their mission is to supply customers with the best suspension technology and technical support available.

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