What are the Best Rear Shocks for Harley Davidson Touring Bikes?

Aaron Lambert
Post by Aaron Lambert
October 4, 2021
What are the Best Rear Shocks for Harley Davidson Touring Bikes?

Upgrading the rear shocks on your Harley could be the difference between cruising without a care in the world and bruising your tailbone on a bump in the road. Stock shocks are likely designed for easy-going riders on smooth roads.

But if you feel a bit uneasy on short turns and struggle to pick up speed after turning, you’re not alone. These are common problems with stock shocks. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with stock shocks, and in fact, adjusting the preload of your shocks might make a difference to your ride.

However, touring bikes are designed for long distances. At some point, you’re going to encounter rough and bumpy roads. The best rear shocks for your Harley Davidson touring bike will make for a more comfortable ride and take its performance to the next level.


The Best Rear Shocks For Your Harley Davidson Touring Bike

It’s a relatively straightforward process to replace the stock shocks that come as standard on your Harley, and it can make a huge difference to ride quality.

With so many options on the market, how do you know which shocks to choose? Before we help you navigate the best rear shocks for your Harley, we’ll take you through the factors that will influence ride quality and then highlight the features of the best shocks that will ultimately optimize your riding experience.


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Which Factors Affect Ride Quality?

There are a few factors to take into consideration before purchasing new shocks. Don’t just go by appearance or cost. Taking the time to think about your ride habits and preferences will lead to a better purchase.


Consider your comfort goals. For a touring motorcycle, long journeys might lead to discomfort, especially on rough roads. You and your passenger will want to feel supported. A passenger also means more weight, so make sure your shocks are equipped to handle the weight on them. There’s also more risk of bottoming out, so make sure you discuss your plans with your shock supplier, who may recommend a stiffer spring rate or different shock tune.

Your Height

Think about your height in relation to your bike. As you know, the seat is much lower on many touring and cruiser bikes, mainly because the engines are positioned in front of the rider.

Since riders differ in height, you need to consider how tall do you want your bike to be? Can you get on and off the bike and support it with your legs? You can read ride height numbers in a brochure, but ultimately, you need to sit on the bike and see if it’s easy for both feet to touch the ground.


Do you feel safe and in control of your bike when you accelerate, brake, and turn? And if you want to make changes, do your shocks allow for making adjustments quickly and easily? The right shock gives you the ability to make adjustments when you need to, with minimal fuss.


Other Considerations

Apart from ride quality, there are a couple of other metrics to consider.


Many shocks are relatively affordable, and if you weigh up cost with the long-term benefits of adjustable shocks, it’s a no-brainer. It’s still worth shopping around.

When evaluating true value, think about customer satisfaction, the brand’s reputation, and whether the shocks you purchase have a warranty. What do their customers say about them? Do they have a good reputation in the motorcycle world? In the shock business? What happens if something goes wrong? These are all questions you should be asking before investing in adjustable shocks. And, of course, what happens if something goes wrong.

Learn more about What Brand Of Racing Shocks Is Right For You.


Ease of Installation

If you’re comfortable making changes to or performing minor repairs on your Harley, you should find it relatively easy to install shocks. It’s worth reading reviews about how others found it. Do you need specialized tools? Does the company you’re purchasing from help you install the shocks? Are they approachable if you have any issues? Are you comfortable making minor repairs on your Harley?

With all of these concerns and questions in mind, let’s look at a few options on the market.


Progressive 944-4020UT

Based on reviews, these Progressive shocks are easy to install, and you can adjust preload by hand. They use FST (Frequency Sensing Technology), a feature that senses the frequency of bumps to adjust damping automatically.

They come with a 1” lowered ride height and are suitable for riders over 250lb or riders who frequently carry passengers, but they also have different weight configurations

What customers like: The comfortable ride. 

The ride is rock solid, and I float over the road ruts that used to jolt my teeth loose.”

Progressive suspension carries a good reputation in the suspension field. These shocks are a significant investment but are great for heavier riders or those who carry a passenger regularly.


Ohlins HD 022

Ohlins are known in the shock industry for providing entry-level suspension.

These 13” shocks can be used in all Harley touring bikes apart from 2006-2014 Street Glides, which require a 12” shock.

They come with preload adjustability to adjust where your motorcycle suspension sits, and custom spring loading based on the rider’s weight is a nice touch.

What customers like: Reliability and stability on the road.

This shock will eat up both small and large imperfections in the road and keep the rear tire planted on the road.”


Burly B28-1201B

These shocks are designed for the Harley Sportster 2004-2011 model. They’re a combination of stubby shocks and dropped shock springs and are 10.5”.

Again, you can enhance preload adjustment to align with different rider weights. Still, when carrying luggage or an extra passenger, it’s worth bearing in mind that they have a 2” lowered ride height, which increases the risk of bottoming out.

Burly promises fast installation that can be done in minutes, and they are affordable at $200 - $250, but depending on who you buy them from will affect any warranty.

What customers say:

“I like the black-out look, so these fit my style. The ride is a little rougher, but that is the price you pay for a lowered bike.”


Penske Heritage Cruiser Motorcycle Shock

Let’s also take a look at why Penske’s Heritage Cruiser Motorcycle Shock may be the best option in the market.


100% custom-built to your needs

If you have to change one thing about your motorcycle, it should be your suspension. Stock suspension almost always never works. If your suspension isn’t customized to meet your needs, you’ll end up struggling with your brake dive, deflection, and a host of other things. Not only will an inferior suspension make you uncomfortable, it can be a safety issue, as well. 

Penke Heritage Cruiser Motorcycle Shock is 100% custom-made and forged by hand to your specifications. For instance, we offer a wide range of length and stroke options for a number of application and installation requirements.  

When it comes to damping, you  don’t want too much which can reduce tire grip and affect ride quality. Neither would you want too little, which can cause loss of control over spring oscillations and make your bike unstable. Thus, we made sure our design includes a damping adjustment knob that can perfectly calibrate shock response to match your riding style and conditions.  Additionally, the Heritage Cruiser Motorcycle Shock is also owner-rebuildable, so you can easily convert it into a fully serviceable shock at a minimum cost.


We consider the following when custom-valving your shocks


Rider weight (with or without passenger and gear)

Penske is all about creating that unique spring-valve setup that takes into account you. We want to understand your riding weight, with and without a passenger and gear, to ensure that you have the comfort and performance you are looking for.


Riding style

When we custom-valve, we make sure we pay attention to your riding style. Some riders are aggressive and trying to maximize the performance and handling of their bikes. Then compare their needs to that of a motorcyclist who likes to ride comfortably at a steady pace. They’d each have completely different custom-valving requirements.               

There are also some who think that only pro riders need to pay attention to shocks.  That if you’re simply a weekend warrior looking for a comfortable ride, you don’t need to be concerned about the suspension. It’s when they’re on that rough road, that they start reconsidering the “pros-only” theory. Not only can our custom-valved suspensions make the ride more comfortable for your body, it can also prevent potential crashes from poor setups. 

On the other hand, some riders can have a more aggressive riding style. For these speed fiends, we can design our custom-valving to ensure absolute traction and handling for faster lap times and maximum performance. 


Made in America

Penske Racing Shocks may be the global leader in suspension technology but we’ve always taken pride in our American roots. Our shocks are 100% designed, manufactured, and handbuilt in Reading, Pennsylvania, a city known for its legacy of iron and steel fabrication. 

The Penske tradition of excellence continues in Penske’s precise craftsmanship. It is reflected in the consistent quality of our unparalleled shocks built only with first-rate materials as all of our products.

But what good would the most premium parts and components be without the most reliable people to put them together or the best outstanding post-sales service? Penske is also known for its brilliant designers and great customer service-focused shock specialists. We always press on to look for more ways to improve our shocks, enhance turnaround time without sacrificing the quality of our work, and provide you with the track support that you need. Because at Penske Racing Shocks, your success is our success.


Other Powerful Features of the Penske Heritage Cruiser Motorcycle Shock


  • Highly flexible ride height adjustment of up to 2¼”
  • Bump rubber to prevent abrupt bottoming
  • Single-damping adjustment with 45 clicks, which can be hand turned to help control  compression and rebound for better handling
  • Spring preload adjustment with built-in tools 
  • Fully dyno tested


The Best Rear Shocks For YOUR Harley Davidson Touring Bike

All of the options above are great shocks. But the best shocks are the ones that are customized for you to suit your height, riding style, and needs. 

Working with Penske Racing Shocks will provide you with unrivaled quality. Hand-built to your specifications and fully dyno tested with attention to detail and means you know exactly what you’re getting. Customization and the fact that the shocks are rebuildable means you’re always maintaining the highest standards.

With our superior standards and over 30 years of in-depth experience in the shock absorber industry, Penske Racing Shocks know what it takes to get you to the top. To start the process of getting your own fully customized Heritage Cruiser shock, get in touch with our shock specialists here.

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Aaron Lambert
Post by Aaron Lambert
October 4, 2021
After completing high school, Aaron joined Penske Racing Shocks in 2000 as a damper technician. Since then, Aaron served in multiple management and technical rolls in the company and oversaw all major sales markets including Short Track, NASCAR, Sports Car, and IndyCar. He spearheaded the company’s successful return to the Late Model market as well as the new S-link shock dyno product line. In addition, Aaron handles all dealer relationships and has been a driving force behind Penske Racing Shocks’ long term in-house manufacturing strategy . Aaron was promoted to General Manager in 2019, a position he currently holds.
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