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A shock setup customized from the start accelerates the performance tuning process - not only giving you a literal head start on your competition - but also giving you the confidence on the track in a setup customized to your application.

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Podium Advanced Technologies
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The S3 Process



Optimal hardware for your specific application.

Setup - Penske Racing Shocks S3


Personalized setup guidance, from the start.
Support - Penske Racing Shocks S3


A team behind you with the knowledge base to continuously optimize.

The Correct (and Best) Tool for the Job

Penske Racing Shocks is a custom damper manufacturer, and every single shock is billet machined and hand-built. There are no assembly lines, no stamped-out pieces, no off-shore manufacturing. The personalized attention provided to every product sold provides the finest reliability, consistency, and performance.

Additionally, by working with top teams in professional motorsport, PRS continuously learns and develops new technologies that ultimately trickle down their entire product line. PRS constantly investigates ways to improve their products and service to their customers.

When you buy a Penske Racing Shock, you buy a custom-built product for your specific application with certifiable quality.

PRS is proud to be an American company that understands the full disciplines of racing.


Achieve Peak Performance, Faster

Customers that leverage the S3 program give themselves an immediate advantage over their competition.

Rather than buying a set of shocks that are configured to work for everyone, you will work directly with the Penske Shocks team to begin the setup optimization process BEFORE buying anything.

Customizing the hardware selection and setup process to your specific application and your particular needs ensures you get more out of your shock setup faster.

Continuously Improve

Having a team behind you with the knowledge, experience, and track record that delivers results is critical—having a team behind you, willing to teach you and coach you to help yourself? That’s transformational.

You will have access to Penske Shock support experts as well as a raft of tools and resources that you can use to help yourself.


S3 = Shock + Setup + Support

Break away from the pack with a process proven to accelerate performance, without the frustrations that come from chasing shortcuts to success.

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Rather than buy a set of shocks off the shelf that are configured to "work" for everyone, connect with one of our experienced Penske Racing Shocks shock specialists - and begin the performance optimization process BEFORE buying anything.

Remember, a shock is nothing without a proper setup.

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