Shock Service Request Process

Shocks smooth out your ride by forcing special oil through ports and orifices inside the shock. Like engine oil, this shock oil is eventually broken down and loses some of its damping and lubricating qualities. Replacing this oil is a fairly inexpensive job and will make a big difference in performance.

How often service is needed depends on several factors, such as racing conditions, how often you ride, and how aggressively you ride. Your shocks should be serviced at least once a year under normal conditions.

If you feel that your shocks are not performing as well as when new, you probably just need to have them serviced. We are fully equipped to handle all service and repair work on your Penske Racing Shocks/Custom Axis Racing Shocks, and we can work with you to make any changes to help fine-tune them to your requirements.


Next Steps:

  • If you're unsure about what services you need, please call one of our technicians at (610) 375-6180 to discuss your specific needs.

Dirt Late Model – ext 225
Motorcycle – ext 224
Dirt Modified/Sprint Car – ext 216
Custom Axis – ext 215
Sports Car – ext 214
Drag – ext 220

  • If you're sending your shocks in for service, please complete the appropriate service form (see links below) to include with your shocks and ship them to:

Shipping Address:
Penske Racing Shocks
Attn: Service Department
150 Franklin St
Reading, PA 19602

Sending in Your Shocks for Service

To ensure the best and most timely service, please note the requirements for sending in your shocks.

Using the links below, download the most appropriate service form for the shocks that need service:

  • Download and complete the most appropriate service form for your shocks.

    (If you don’t have a printer, please write the same form information down and include it with your shipment.)

  • Please include the completed service form with your shocks and ship them to:

    Penske Racing Shocks
    Attn: Service Department
    150 Franklin St
    Reading, PA 19602

  • Make sure that your shocks are securely packaged to avoid shipping damage.

  • Clean your shocks thoroughly before shipping. Excessively dirty shocks may incur a cleaning fee.

  • If you are just getting a normal service and are satisfied with the springs you have, you can remove the springs to save shipping costs.

  • If you would like work to be done other than standard service, explain what changes or repairs you would like us to make.

  • Service work is normally handled in the order in which it is received. If you have any critical time issues, such as an upcoming race, let us know, and we will do our best to help.

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