Pull Down Rig Services

Penske Racing Shocks Pull Down Rig services helps customers improve both their speed AND their consistency on the race track.

Track Testing Without Ever Turning a Lap

Put your car through its paces and understand what changes will do without even having to go the race track.

Pull Down Rig Penske
Pull Down Rig
Pull Down Rig
Pull Down Rig
Pull Down Rig

Pull Down Rig Testing Benefits

Tie together your on-track performance with your testing and data collection to gain speed and better understand what your chassis is doing.



  • Simulate attitude and vertical forces generated on track

  • Evaluate clearances, alignment, and compliance of individual chassis components

  • Accurately analyze camber, bump steer, and vertical compliance

  • Monitor and log sensors to measure forces and displacements

  • Data easily exported into Excel for comparison and analysis

  • Load vs. shock and wheel travel graphs, bump stop / spring load graphs, bump steer graphs, camber curb graphs, and more

  • Create specialized tests to solve your specific chassis development problems

Improve Your Speed AND Your Consistency on Track

If you want to improve the performance of your race car without using up tires, burning through fuel, or even traveling to the race track, then reach out to us to see how our pull down rig services can aid your chassis development efforts.

Once you submit your contact information, a pull down rig specialist will follow up within 48 hours to discuss how to get your car on the rig and put you on the path to improved performance.

Get Your Car on the Rig!