7500 Coil Over Bracket Drag Shocks


Penske Racing Shocks 7500 Coil Over Bracket Drag Shocks



The 7500 series single adjustable has come into the drag racing market as a quality, inexpensive damper that is quite universal in the types of applications in which it can be utilized.


The design features a separator piston in the reservoir which has been proven to maintain damper performance and improve response, as well as a single shaft adjuster if desired. The 7500 is available in both coilover and non coil-over style in all body lengths. Due to its design, the 7500 can be made to fit many applications simply by changing its modular body cap and eyelets.


The 7500 series double adjustable, coil over shock provides the versatility of separate compression and rebound adjustments without the use of an external reservoir. Like all Penske Racing Shocks, the 75CODA is easily adjustable and revalvable. Penske Racing Shocks are custom built to your exact specifications. We understand that no two cars are the same and an off the shelf shock wouldn’t work for all chassis. Our technicians consider chassis make, wheel base, tire size, horse power, power adders, four-link set up, and spring rates before building or valving your shocks. The top choice of professional drag racers, the 75CODA will reduce tire shake, better launch control, and improve down track stability.


Penske Advantages:

  • Hard Chromed Steel Shaft Provides Strength and Low Friction
  • Durable Aluminum Components are Lightweight
  • Easily Adjustable – 40 Clicks of Compression and Rebound Allow Fine Tuning for Varying Track Conditions
  • Revalvable – A Variety of Pistons and Shim Stacks Provide Unlimited Customization

Dan Fletcher

Dan Fletcher – “The first step to winning a drag race is having your car launch identically round after round, both for consistent ET’s and RT’s. As a professional racer, I only use the best products available, and that’s why I choose Penske shocks.”

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 6 in


Spring Hardware Diameter


Suspension Application

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Standard Length

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Eyelet Options

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