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These are all new Pistons available at a great value! All pistons offered are new condition and accept standard Penske shims and fit in our standard 45mm or 55mm bore sizes.

If you have any questions on any of these pistons, please call and speak to one of our technicians.

2 Port Piston– The two port piston design is very popular with many shock manufactures. Shims stacks along with your main piston create damping forces. While most piston configurations force shims to open in three or more areas, the two port design allows your shim stack to open in a simple “taco” shape. What that means is there is less initial force needed to open your shim stack, that translates to a more compliant feel. Typically resulting in more GRIP!


ELF– The ELF (Enhanced Linear Flow) is one of the best pistons you can run if your looking for mechanical grip. Grip is usually associated with Low Speed Damping or (bleed).  The design theory behind this piston directly targets minimum low speed damping. Typically if you run a lot of bleed or very little low speed damping, your platform or balance can be compromised. The ELF’s port configuration and flow create a very aggressive linear characteristic, what this means is you get minimal low speed damping for grip, coupled with aggressive linear force gain which adds stability to your platform. We went one step farther and made the ELF blow off capable. This allows you to run with our secondary digressive blow off cage so you can reduce your high speed damping effects. This helps with curb strikes and other large inputs that may upset your chassis.


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