8760 Triple Adjustable Drag Coil Over


Penske Racing Shocks 8760 Triple Adjustable Drag Coil Over


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The 8760PB-Drag is our best shock option for drag racing. The 8760 is a high quality piggy back triple adjustable shock that uses standard Penske parts. With separate high and low speed compression adjustability, and separate rebound adjustability, tuning your suspension for different track conditions and spring rates is easy. The separate compression adjustments are a must for Pro Stock, Pro Mod, and Top Sportsman teams looking to compete at the top levels. These separate adjustments make it easy to tune for the launch, track transitions, and down track. With less adjustable shocks, you have to sacrifice one end of the track to be optimum at the other end, with the 8760, you no longer need to do that. Stock, this shock comes with the air eyelet option, allowing for down track stability and control.

  • All aluminum parts make this shock durable and extremely light in weight.
  • Remote canister with larger nitrogen volume which makes the shock more repeatable at variable running temperatures
  • Revalveable using standard Penske piston and shim stacks, endless shim combinations make it possible to tune yours suspension for your exact feel
  • Three Way Adjustable:
    • 18 clicks of high speed compression
    • 25 clicks of low speed adjustment
    • 50 Clicks of rebound with air adjustment
  • Engineered, designed, and assembled in the US

All shocks are hand built, so please allow up to 14 days for delivery.How often should I have my shock serviced?

We recommend having your shocks serviced once a year minimum. This means having all replacing seals, piston bands, having shaft polished, and bodies and other crucial bore surfaces checked for wear.

Erica Enders-Stevens

Erica Enders-Stevens

Allen Johnson

Allen Johnson

These shocks have a piston separating the oil and nitrogen, so you can mount them either way.
Penske Drag Standard is 50psi.
Yes, a drag suspension is built longer for tire removal, the chassis will not see this extension  on the track.
Clockwise is tighter (stiffer) counter clockwise looser (softer)
t allows you to run a more aggressive rebound set-up on the launch, which is when it is critical to control the chassis movements. Then, at a set time after the launch, you can bleed the air out of the eyelet which will allow your suspension to soften a bit, and allow it to absorb bumps.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 7 x 6 in
Spring Hardware Diameter



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