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Automotive Racing Shocks

Penske Racing Shocks is the world leader in suspension technology. Penske Racing Shocks strives to supply the latest technology to all forms of auto racing. We are major suppliers in the world’s largest markets. From asphalt road racing at its highest level in F1, NASCAR, or IndyCar, to the dirt tracks across the USA, Penske Racing Shocks is the industry leading manufacture. More champions choose Penske Racing Shocks over any other brand. Our engineering staff and industry leading technical support have lead us to numerous championships in all forms of motorsports.

We don’t only support professional race teams; we offer the same technology and technical support to grassroots racers. Our highly qualified staff is composed of racers themselves, who love going to the racetrack every weekend to help make all our customers have the best experience possible.

All applications are custom built to your specific needs. We take into consideration driving style, spring rate, vehicle weight, and type of tracks. This ensures you’re getting a custom shock specific to your application. Other manufacturers build all shocks the same, we know not all car set-ups, or drivers are the same, so why would the same shocks work for everyone? THEY DON’T! We can supply many different models of shocks for your needs. Models include adjustability levels ranging from Non-Adjustable, up to 4-way adjustable. We also can offer in-line, remote, or piggy back shocks. All shocks utilize standard Penske internals, so you can always utilize our latest technologies and stay current with your shocks. No need to purchase new shocks as new parts are debuted, simply update your current shocks.

It is our goal to give all racers the experience of a perfectly handling vehicle. Shocks do make a difference; this advantage is something all racers, competing at all levels, should experience.